How to prepare for Google cloud certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

My First Step :

Next Step :

  • To learn about the Google cloud platform from googlers, experts in a very layman way.
  • To get familiarity with each offering, this course includes lots of quizzes & hands-on labs on Qwiklabs to get real experience on using all offering with their demo use cases. (Tip: Use cases are the key elements of your ACE Exam)
  • You got one more course “Preparing for the ACE certification” through the readiness program. This will give you the strategy, overview & preparation tips & useful resources for your certification exam.

Other Resources For this step, Specially for those who’re not in the Google readiness program:

  1. Dan sullivan’s udemy course for ACE exam preparation:

Exam Preparation :

  1. Official Practice Exam:

Tip from my side :

  • Try to break down the whole syllabus into services like compute service(learn about different compute offering like vm instance, GKE, app engine, cloud functions, cloud run with their use cases. For example: if your company has three applications one is containerized & second one required the company’s own custom software to run that application & in the third one you’ve instructed to minimize the cost & it is event-driven non containerized application so if you know all compute services with their use cases you’ll easily able to answer it.)
  • Same as for storage service there are lots of offerings available in google cloud platforms like cloud storage, cloud datastore, SQL, Cloud Bigtable, cloud spanner, etc. with their specific use cases so go through each with their use cases.
  • IAM(Identity & Access Management) & monitoring is the main aspect of cloud so try to get familiar with Google recommended best practices.
  • ACE Exam tests your ability to solve real-world scenarios so try to find out the best & google recommended solution for each problem. For example, you’re an IAM admin of your new GCP project & for this new project your company has recruited lots of new employees for different domain teams like developers, SRE’s, operations & you’ve tasked to create a hierarchy to manage IAM in this scenario by the following google recommended best practices.



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